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News from school

Spring Newsletter

February News Letter 2013
Now that Spring is here we all have new and exciting things to explore.
We discussed St. Bridget’s Day and made a St. Bridget’s cross and read a story of St. Bridget.
This was followed by St. Valentine’s Day, a day when we share and be kind to our friends. The children enjoyed making their Valentine’s hearts for their parents.
Our next celebration was pancake Tuesday, all the children helped to mix and make pancakes, which were eaten for snack. They also enjoyed making their pancake faces, which enhances learning about parts of the face.

Newsletter - January 2013

January 2013
Dear Parents/ Guardians,
Welcome back, for the start of term 2.  Let’s hope the weather will soon improve, it has been a long winter.  Now we say good bye to winter and hello to spring. Thank you all for lovely Christmas gifts cards and good wishes.
We have been busy with art/craft activities, Our snowman and St Bridget’s cross have gone home. We have talked about the life of St Bridget and the wonderful work she did, the children can tell you the story. The Chinese lantern is ready to go home and the children have coloured a snake to honour the Chinese New Year of the Snake.

November News

October Newsletter 2012
Dear parents,
Welcome back after your Halloween, break, hope all had a good time.
Sadly we saygood bye to Autumn, with all its colourful projects and the exploration of hibernation. Our dozy hedgehog has finally gone to sleep for the winter. Now we say hello to the joys of winter.
October went out with a bash, We all enjoyed dressing up for our Halloween party and Special Olympics fund- raiser. Thank you for your generosity. Please return the sponsorship cards with donations if you have not already done so.